School History

Shrevewood Elementary School opened on September 6, 1966. Planning for the construction of Shrevewood began in 1964, when Fairfax County School Board minutes record land transactions related to the North Pine Spring Elementary School site on Shreve Road. North Pine Spring was the “site name” for Shrevewood. A site name is the name used for a school during the design and construction process before the School Board officially gives it a name. In March 1965, architect Anthony F. Musolino was assigned to prepare plans for North Pine Spring Elementary, with the specification that the school be designed for a capacity of 900 students. Musolino's plans were approved in September 1965, and, in December 1965, the construction contract for Shrevewood was awarded to the firm of Whitener & Skillman in the amount of $674,486. At its meeting on February 24, 1966, the School Board formally named our building Shrevewood Elementary School.

What’s in a Name?

Watch this short video to learn about the origin of the name Shrevewood.

The First Addition

Shrevewood Elementary School Yearbook Cover, 1979-1980, Close up view of the black and white photograph of the school building.

Pictured above is Shrevewood Elementary School as it appeared around 1980. The first major change to our building came in 1986 when the Fairfax County School Board authorized the construction of a gymnasium and music room addition. Explore the evolution of Shrevewood Elementary School in this series of aerial photographs courtesy of Fairfax County’s GIS & Mapping Services.

The Time Capsule

In November 2016, during Shrevewood’s 50th birthday celebration, a time capsule that had been sealed in 1996 was opened. Enclosed in the capsule were pieces of student artwork, a class photograph from 1966-67, a teacher’s contract, a yearbook, a student handbook, and a paper explaining how Shreve Road got its name.

Composite image showing the covers of three Shrevewood Elementary School yearbooks.
Pictured above are Shrevewood Elementary School yearbook covers from, left to right, 1979-80, 2006-07, and 2016-17.

Our Principals

Edith S. Mosher (1966-1977), William C. Symons, Jr. (Acting, 1977), John C. Randall, Jr. (1977-1979), Harriet P. Parrott (1979-1980), Patricia A. Sisson (1980-1986), Veronica S. Minor (1986-1992), Edna Mae Trevey (1992-1997), Shirley McCoy (1997-2011), Michelle Eugene (2011-2019), Joshua “Josh” DeSmyter (2019-Present).