Absent, Tardy, or Release of Student

Attendance Form


Students may not arrive at school before 9:00 a.m.

Students report directly to their classrooms every morning and should be seated and ready for instruction by 9:20 AM. If students arrive after 9:20, they must be signed in by an adult in the front office.

Please encourage your child to ride the bus every day, thus avoiding any possibility of being late. Students will never be counted tardy if they arrive late by bus.

Kindergarten parents may walk their children to their classroom only for the first two days of school.


Regular on-time arrival is essential for student success. If your child is going to be either absent for the entire day or late for any reason, call the school attendance line (703-645-6666), which is available 24-7 for messages, or use the online attendance form.

If the school does not receive a call from a parent, the absence or tardiness will be considered unexcused. Please note: 

  • Excused Absence and Tardy—Illness of the student, death in the family, medical appointment, and observance of a religious holiday. The principal or his or her designee may require a physician’s note in cases of chronic or long-term illness.
  • Unexcused Absence and Tardy—Family trip, child care problem, oversleeping, nonschool-related activity, traffic, or missed bus.


FCPS encourages family trips during scheduled school vacations. The school system strongly discourages such trips during the school year because these extended absences interrupt the continuity of learning. FCPS must withdraw any student from its enrollment who is absent from school for 15 consecutive days or more. Upon the student’s return, a parent must again officially enroll him or her.


If there is a change in your child’s normal transportation routine, a note must be sent to the front office. If a note is not received, or the main office is not notified by 3:15 p.m., the child will be sent home his/her normal way. Students will not be permitted to use school phones to find out how they are supposed to get home from school. Children will never be released to a person who has not been authorized on the Emergency Care Card.


At the request of our transportation department, children are not permitted to ride a bus other than the one to which they are assigned, as most buses are filled to capacity. Students who ride the same bus may get off at a different stop, if both students bring notes from their parents to ensure accountability of students and prevent unexpected guests arriving at anyone’s home. Students will not be allowed to telephone parents during the school day to plan such visits.